A dream became true.

The perfect balance of luxury and adventure in a private charter yacht.

Inukshuk (pronounced “in-ook-shook”) is a no expense spared, state-of-the-art sailing yacht, she is the winner of two awards at the ‘2014 Show Boat Awards’ ceremony and now she’s available for the first time on the luxury charter market!

Whether you’re looking for luxury or adventure, or maybe a combination of both, Inukshuk is the perfect no compromise yacht for you. Imagine waking up to a different view every day without packing your bags … Lying on a still-sun-warmed deck to watch brilliant stars make their nightly debuts … Or perhaps gliding into a secret cove to set anchor and enjoy the yacht’s water toys … Or maybe you simply wish to let Inukshuk enthusiastically reach through azure waters, her billowing sails filled with tropical breezes, and let your day-to-day worries drift away with the current.

Inukshuk is luxury, adventure and style in perfect balance. Her dedicated hand picked crew includes an the exceptional onboard chef, silver service five star stewardess and experienced captain and engineer all at your service 24 hours a day. It’s your vacation: your cruising schedule, your choice of gourmet meals, what you want to explore, and what you want to experience.

Welcome aboard for the experience you will never forget, the dream of a lifetime.