The Inukshuk Crew.

The crew onboard Inukshuk all have one common goal in mind: To ensure that you have the most memorable private charter yacht vacation of all time.

Each crew member has been personally chosen for their position by the owner and have all the knowledge, skills and licensing that each position demands.

Jamie Connelly – Captain

Jamie Connelly – Captain
Jamie Connelly – Captain

Jamie grew up in the family seafood restaurant/Hotel on the Isle of Wight UK where it was second nature to step in to the catering and service side of the business.

Being the son of a marine engineer and salvage diver Jamie spent much of his youth in and around boats and engines above and below the water. From the age of six he started competing successfully in dinghy’s and windsurfing, logically progressing over the years to yachts and super yachts.

When in his teens, Jamie worked on private islands around the world teaching water sports and catering to exclusive clientele.

Over the last 15 years Jamie moved into yachting worldwide and has captained well over 150,000 nautical miles, cruising and racing to the highest level.

In his spare time Jamie will be found soaking up beach culture, windsurfing, kiting, surfing and yacht racing.

Thomas Jones – Engineer

Thomas Jones – Engineer

Thomas was raised amid the beautiful natural landscapes of the South Island of New Zealand. From a young age Thomas has always had a passion for sailing and adventure.

In large part due to the many holidays he spent on the family yacht sailing, diving and exploring around Stuart Island. It is there that he developed his passion for the ocean. As a result he decided to embark on a professional sailing carrer and in 2003 signed on as “mate” on the training sailing yacht “Elwing” based in Dunedin New Zealand for discovery and adventure.

He then moved to the Mediterranean to improve and enhance his mechanical service skills by working on various Motor Yachts. However he eventually returned to his true passion for sailing and worked aboard several sailing vessels including the 20+ knots Gunboat “Safari” and the 130' sailing yacht “Philanderer”.

He is now very excited and happy to be working onboard the luxurious sailing vessel “Inukshuk” cruising the Caribbean Sea and the waters of New England.

Between his various work commissions on luxury yachts, Thomas enjoys to relax at high speed on snowboards, wakeboards and surf whenever possible, until returning to his true passion sailing the oceans of the world.

Jane Ireland – Chef

Jane Ireland – Chef

Jane grew up on a farm on the east coast of Vancouver Island. Her forays into the kitchen started young and her appreciation for freshly picked, locally grown food continues!

Her career in the food industry has been an adventurous ride through restaurants, remote tree planting camps, film sets and many stops at exotics ports aboard private and charter yachts.

While not in the galley Jane enjoys sharing meals and ideas with like-minded food lovers, photographing the local sights and reading everything she can get her hands on. Her time back in vancouver Island is mostly spent in her garden and stomping through the rain forest.

Lori Pearce – Stewardess

Lori Pearce – Stewardess

Originally from Toronto, Canada, Lori graduated Ryerson University in 2009 and embarked on a career in the marketing industry as a project manager. Shortly thereafter, Lori then decided to take her skills south, and enter the yachting industry and fulfill her passion of travel and adventure.

Nearly 4 years later, Loris extensive experience on super yachts through the Indian, Pacific and Atlantic oceans have made her an expert in her industry, always looking to improve and exceeding expectations. Lori had always admired the sail yachts in port, and is very excited to be part of the Inukshuk program.

When she is not on a boat, she is often traveling and exploring different cultures and taking language classes.